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Save the Water to Better World!

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Save the Water to Better World!
Water is the source of life. Humans, animals and plants depend on water. Almost every major region of the world has their source of water that would come from the rain and turned into ground water. However, there are some areas that are difficult to find sources of water that can be used in everyday life, either because of low rainfall in the area or height requirements in the region.

In Indonesia, agriculture is the largest user of water, and will continue in the future. The amount of water given to a single growing season was 11,059,200 liters / ha or 1106 mm. In addition it is estimated that water consumption year nearly 100 billion m3. Households also play an important role in augmenting the water needs to be used. Every year the number of households grew by 635,529 households range. If every household of 4 people, additional water is needed each year is 80,168,170.18 m3 to 80 million m3. (Source: Based on region in Indonesia, from 92 in Indonesia outermost regions, 64 regions are difficult areas to get source of clean water. In addition almost half of Indonesia’s population lacked not even has sources of clean water. Plus, if 20 percent of Indonesia’s population died from lack of clean water (Source:

An increasing number of large water needs in Indonesia, there is a lot of news that Indonesia will experience a water crisis. A number of indications already point in that direction. In the future predicted decline in rainfall and increased water pollution (source: Not only in Indonesia, but also predicted the world will experience a water crisis. “The 21st century, water will be a major problem for the world because water crisis will increase. Estimated, 2/3 of the world population will be short of water by 2050,” said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, Head of Data Center, Information and Public Relations of the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) in press.

One way to tackle water issues in various areas, particularly in Indonesia, is by using efficient of water in society and creating some water banks that can be used at any time when the water crisis occurred. Water savings made by the society is not a difficult thing. It is just simple things to do. The main example is for Indonesia people who are predominantly Muslim. In the Islam religion, people are required to pray (solat) five times. To be valid in salat, every Muslim people must perform ritual ablution (wudu) first. A ritual ablution is to clean some parts of the body with water. Water used after ablution is not dirty and still clean and clear. This water usually flows directly into waterways and immediately discarded. Whereas water used after ablution can still be used because it is still relatively clean. Utilization is used as for watering the plants, cleaning water in the toilet, or other necessities of life. Utilization of this can be done in a way to accommodate the water that is used in place of ablution like in mosques or in common household scale. Water that has been collected can be used by a particular period as the water bank. The public can call the water bank post to be able to use it. This way can be done on a small scale, such as the implementation of household washing clothes and watering the plants. Implementation of the water savings will certainly have a significant impact in preventing water crisis that occurred in the future. In addition, the number of Muslims in Indonesia is the largest in the world so it is very potential to implement water saving solutions. Hopefully in the future, the impact of water crisis can be decreased continuously and people will more aware of a drop water savings.

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