Tips of Industrial Engineering Bachelor

03 Feb

Speaker: Mr. Dr. Ir. Iwan Ratman

BP Migas Vice President Management Rep

Topic: Tips of Industrial Engineering Bachelor (Where we do after graduating college)

A topic in the course of “kapita selekta industri” on Wednesday, December 21st 2011 is about motivation after graduate from industrial engineering. The speaker gave a very good motivation to students who attend, such as how to become success person and give keys that must be held after graduation.

Life is hard, that the words expressed by Mr. Iwan early in the session class of “kapita selekta” on Wednesday. He describes the journey of his life from the school term until he gets some jobs. Some important key in achieving success described in this presentation.

Life must be hard and difficult it can be passed. The solution is to make an effort and struggle. This effort is supported by capabilities. Capabilities obtained from the study. As an engineer, when it has passed and we get an engineering degree, it is the pride of course. However, pride is obtained it should be removed. This has been evident from his experience that scholars who bragged about his rank, many of them are not successful. This could be due to the pride that comes turned into arrogance. Then, this arrogance that makes people not want to learn from others. So, when graduating becoming an engineer, reset ourselves to be zero. The past is used as material passed learning and experience in preparation for the future. Also, do not forget the prayers and good pleasure of the parents, especially mothers. A child who begged his mother to get the pleasure of success, God willing, the road to success will be easy.

High-value of IP, cum laude, also cannot guarantee a person’s success. This can be happened when someone was not supported by a soft skill. Intelligence and other skills should be able to walk side by side. The other thing that is important is to set goals after graduation where he or she to go. Prepare and brown plan before graduating. For examples is TOEFL preparation, presentation skills, and others. Do not wait until the end because it will cause remorse.

The question is also important that “what you want to be later?” Was going to be a worker or an entrepreneur? It must have been determined to be planning a well-planned. Planning could be made within 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years by making quantitative parameters and possible value to achieve.

One word to say and remember in the planning, be assured success of the dream to be achieved, we cannot have a shred of doubt as this can cause failure. Do not consider it impossible or unlikely, confidently!

Saving a positive attitude is also one of the keys that must be possessed. These savings will be returned to each individual. Do not do anything negative attitude because this will also return to the self respectively. Difficulties and problems encountered, regard it as a challenge, do not run and complain, as more and more difficult to pass meaningful has shown the greatness that is owned. In addition, the uniqueness of each individual is also an important thing. Uniqueness makes a man different from the others so it is easy to recognize and remember.

He also taught if you want to become an expatriate. People who want to become expatriates required for 5 years of experience, knowledge, willingness, support from family, and become a specialist person. Experience 5 years of growth and development of this conduct, not just one year repeated.

Here are quick tips for success from him:

  • Be professional
  • Be confident
  • You are what you think and be yourself
  • Hard working not hardly working
  • Work smarter not harder
  • Improve your communication skill and networking
  • Always think about improve your knowledge with higher school

Final presentation of this class has helped me open my eyes to continue to enhance the capacity of self and set goals when I graduate. My goal when graduate is to become a qualified lecturer who can provide the best education that I can do and become professor.

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